This is a lease. It is a legal agreement between the tenant and the landlord to rent the house or apartment described below. The word landlord as used in this lease means Laura and Mike Priem. The word tenant as used in this lease means:

1.       _________________________________________

2.       _________________________________________

3.       _________________________________________

4.       _________________________________________

5.       _________________________________________

PROPERTY ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________

Apartment # or location: _________________________________________________________

LEASE TERM & TYPE: This lease is for a term of 360 days. Rent is divided into 12 equal payments that are due on the first day of each month with the exception of last month rent which is due on Feb 1st, 2018. Lease period is as follows: 6-1-18 at 8 a.m. through 5-26-19 at 10 a.m. 

This is a fixed term lease which means the landlord and tenant both understand that the lease is for the term stated above and may not be extended by the landlord or the tenant and that no notice is required to end the lease at the end of the stated time period.  Tenant must move out of the house at the end of the lease period unless a new and separate lease has been signed.  Also, this is a “joint & several” lease which means that every tenant is individually responsible for paying the full amount of rent owed to landlord. No more than ______ people may occupy this unit.

RENT: The rent amount for the house/apartment is:  _______________ for each of the 12 payments.

Rent may be paid to the landlord by mail or deposited in drop box (not mailbox) located on Landlords front porch. Do not put cash in drop box. There may be a late fee assessed for past due rent. Late fee is $5.00 for rent paid after the 1st of the month and $2.00 per day thereafter.

SECURITY AND CLEANING DEPOSIT:  Tenant will give landlord a deposit of $ ___________________

Security deposit may carry over from previous lease, where applicable. Landlord will pay tenant interest on the deposit in the amount of 1% per year. Deposit is due at the time the lease is signed. Landlord will return deposit within 21 days of the end of the lease term. If tenant fails to perform any term of this lease, landlord may use the deposit for payment of money that the landlord may spend or damages that landlord suffers because of tenant failure. The landlord may use the deposit to pay for any damage to the house beyond normal wear and tear caused by the tenant or the tenant guests. The deposit may also be used to pay for rent or other money owed to the landlord at the end of the lease term.


  • Tenants will pay for electricity.
  • Tenants will pay for cable/internet if they chose to have it
  • Tenant will pay for heat (gas bill) 
  • Landlord will pay for City of Winona water & sewer
  • Landlord will pay for weekly household garbage pick-up
  • Tenants must contact X-Cel energy prior to first day of lease to start service on first day of lease.  1-800-895-4999
  • Tenants shall not waste utilities paid for by Landlord.
  • Heat: (If applicable) Thermostat setting may not exceed 70 degrees. Tenants will keep all windows and doors tightly closed while heat is on. There will be a $25.00 charge per occurrence of heat wasted.
  • Garbage: There may be an additional charge for items that are not considered weekly household garbage. For example: furniture, appliances or other large items.
  • Water: Tenant should notify Landlord immediately if toilet is “running” beyond the normal time or if tenants hear water moving through toilet when not in use.
  • Laundry: Tenants use only! Not for friends. (Landlord pays for water usage and repairs)
  • Subletting: Tenant may not sublease without written permission from Landlord. If a tenant wishes to sublet contact Landlord immediately. Landlord will provide subletting information at that time. There is a $75.00 sublet fee.
  • Use of house/apartment: House/Apartment   may be used only as a private residence and for no other purpose. Tenants may not use the house for any unlawful activity. Tenants may not use the house for any business, profession or trade. Tenants must abide by the City of Winona code 39.04.2, noisy parties and gathering ordinances. Additionally, Tenants agree to abide by all RULES & REGULATIONS which are part of this lease.
  • Right of entry: Landlord may enter the property with reasonable advance notice to show the property to prospective new tenants, to make repairs or improvements, clean, or to comply with any law or regulation. Landlord may enter with no advance notice when Landlord believes there is a health or safety emergency, unlawful activity, a violation of the lease, to conserve energy provided by the Landlord or to protect the premises from damage.
  • Liability of Landlord: Landlord is not responsible for loss of or damage to Tenant’s property or injury to tenant or tenants guests in or around the premises. Tenants should get renters insurance. If the premises is destroyed or damaged by fire or other casualty not due to the fault of the Tenants or the Tenants guests and the house is uninhabitable, Tenant may vacate the premises and will not have to pay rent until the house is repaired. Landlord may decide not to repair or rebuild the house and can cancel the lease. Any prepaid rents would be returned, prorated to the day the premises are vacated.
  • Maintenance: Landlord will maintain lawns and shrubs. Tenant will keep all trash picked up from yards. Landlord will remove snow from city sidewalks. Landlord will remove snow from driveway after major snowfalls. Tenant will remove snow from steps and walkways. Tenants will remove light snowfall from driveway. Tenants must move cars from driveway in order for driveway to be plowed.
  • Landlord agrees to keep the house in reasonable repair during the term of the lease, except when damage was caused by the intentional or negligent action of the tenant or tenant’s guests.  Tenants must notify Landlord immediately of any damage or needed repairs. Tenant is not entitled to any reduction in rent during the time period prior to or during maintenance, repairs or improvements to premises.
  • Default: If tenant does not pay the rent or other amounts when due, or if tenant violates any term of this lease, including RULES & REGULATIONS, Landlord may terminate this lease or reenter and take possession of the premises and terminate the tenants right to possession of the premises without terminating this lease or any of the tenant’s obligations hereunder. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by landlord, it is specifically agreed that if tenant abandons the premises or surrenders the premises to landlord or if tenants right of possession is terminated (tenant is evicted) that tenant shall remain responsible for all of tenants obligations under this lease, including any deficiency in rent for the remainder of the lease term. No reentry or taking possession by landlord of the leased premises and/or any acts by landlord subsequent thereto unless otherwise agreed to in writing by landlord, shall be construed as an election by landlord to terminate this lease. Landlord may at any time thereafter, however, elect to terminate this lease. If any action shall be brought by landlord to recover any rent under this lease and/or for an account of any breach of the provisions of this lease and/or for recovery of the possessions of the premises, landlord shall be entitled to recover from tenant all damages to which landlord is entitled, including all of landlords cost for such actions, including attorney fees. If evicted, tenant agrees to pay the full amount of rent owed for the remaining term of this lease or until the property is re-rented, whichever comes first; and if re-rented tenant is responsible for paying any difference in rent received.
  • Lead paint disclosure: This building was built before 1978 and may contain lead based paint. Landlord has no knowledge of or records or reports pertaining to lead-based paint and/or lead based paint hazards in the house. Landlord will provide tenant with a copy of the pamphlet:     Protect your family from lead in your home.

Tenants, by signing below you are agreeing to abide by the terms of this lease, including the attached RULES & REGULATIONS.

Tenant Signature:                                          deposit amount                              check#                                 date











Landlords Signature:_________________________________________________________________

Rent check can be made out to: LAURA PRIEM
Landlords address: 315 West Sanborn 8th Street, Winona, MN 55987
Text or Call 507-450-0554
 Call 507-452-2692 for after-hours emergency only
Email: [email protected]


  • NO PARTIES: The premises are to be used for dwelling purposes only and are not to be used for parties or special gatherings. Violation of section 39.04.2 of chapter 39 of section 1 of the city code of Winona (noise & party violation) constitutes a material breach of this lease and is grounds for eviction or termination of this lease. If tenants receive a citation, Landlord may chose to evict or charge an additional deposit of $500.00 and require the tenants to write a letter of explanation and intent to avoid further citations to be delivered to Landlord. Landlord may share this letter with the city inspections department and/or neighbors affected by disturbance that caused citation. If no other citations are received, tenants will recover additional deposit at end of lease term. If a second citation is issued, tenant forfeits deposit and Landlord may choose to charge an additional $500.00 deposit and to require a second letter of intent. Tenants may recover deposit after 12 months of second violation if there are no other violations during that year.
  • NO PETS are allowed in the house or in the yard. No exceptions! Violation will result in loss of deposits.
  • NO SMOKING allowed in the house or on porches. Dispose of any filters from smoking outside in a safe container.
  • SMOKE DETECTORS: Do not disconnect smoke detectors. Contact landlord if beeping or other problem occurs.
  • CANDLES: No burning of candles or electric heaters allowed. These are an extreme fire hazard.
  • KEYS must be returned to landlord by last day of lease or they will be considered lost. $75.00 charge for lost entrance key and $5.00 for bedroom key.
  • LAUNDRY is for tenant use only. It may be disconnected if used by others.
  • AIR-CONDITIONERS: window units must be approved by and installed by landlord.
  • HARDWOOD FLOORS must be protected by using felt pads or furniture cups.
  • DOORS: No over door hooks. Do not put any nails or screws in or sticky stuff on doors.
  • WINDOWS: No nails or screws in window frames. Close windows when leaving house. Rain coming in will damage windows, walls and floors.
  • WALLS: No sticky pads or adhesives on walls. Small nails or easy release hooks (like 3M) may be used. Large nails, screws or hooks must be approved by landlord.
  • DRAINS: Do not put food or grease in drains. Garbage disposal is not provided. Do not use Draino or other like products. CALL LANDLORD IF DRAIN IS SLOW OR CLOGGED!
  • TOILETS: No flushing of feminine products, paper towel, etc. Toilet paper only. Also, Be aware of toilet “RUNNING” (the tank filling when toilet hasn’t been flushed.) Contact Landlord for repair immediately as failure to do so will result in very high water bill.
  • BATHROOM EXHAUST FANS must be used during and after shower/bath to remove moisture from room. Failure to do this may cause mold. It is also a good idea to leave bathroom door open when finished.
  • BATHTUBS & SHOWERS may only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners.
  • FAUCETS: clean with appropriate cleaner to avoid damage. Check labels!
  • CARPETS will be professionally cleaned at beginning of lease period. The cost of cleaning carpets will be charged to tenants at end of lease period.
  • CLEANING: Tenants are responsible for keeping apartment clean and sanitary throughout the lease period and for replacement of light bulbs.
  • PARKING: In designated areas only. No parking on lawns!
  • GARBAGE & RECYCLING: Place on curb day of or evening before pick-up. Containers must be removed from curb on day of pick-up and kept in designated areas.
  • YARDS: Tenants will keep all trash picked up from yard. Please check yard periodically, especially after weekends. Indoor furniture is not allowed on porches or in yards.
  • FIRES: No fires are allowed on the property. No exceptions.
  • GRILLS: Keep off porches and at least 6 feet from building while in use. Used charcoal must be disposed of in garbage after being extinguished. Do not leave in yard or driveway.
  • BIKES are to be kept in back of house in designated areas. Do not lock to step railings.
  • LIGHTED SIGNS or offensive posters are not to be visible from outside. Nothing may be hung on outside of house. No covering of basement windows.